Like all Fade Crunch products, the Box comes with a one-year no-fault warranty. Naturally, it’s rather large, measuring 19” by 11” by 9”. It has a pocket for beverages that is big enough to hold a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle . The Dynamic Discs Paratrooper is durable material meant to last in most conditions.

Calling it the putter pouch/pocket helps me reach all my putters quickly during the game. I also like a disc golf bag with a dedicated bottle holder that can hold a decent water bottle size. Meanwhile, a bag that does not collapse and always stays upright when it sat down is also recommended.

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Regardless of the other bag features, you’re not going to want to invest in a disc golf bag if it is not comfortable. A painful bag that doesn’t fit you right is going to be a big distraction to your moments of disc golf Zen. Not to mention, whichever bag you buy the first thing to look out for is the comfort that it provides. Look for things like padded shoulder straps or the quality of the panel in the back to help you determine comfort. This bag is for disc golfers in all skill levels looking for an organizer of their discs.

Can get it up to 18, but that’s with no extra storage for anything but discs. So far I’ve played more than a dozen rounds using the Rovic, nearly all of them on a very hilly and wooded course . It has performed wonderfully and been especially appreciated during and after the rain when my bag stays off the wet muddy ground. The ‘parking’ brake only engages on one of the two rear wheels, but it’s enough to keep the cart in place even on a steep slope.

I can carry about 20 discs depending on what I want that day. The accessory pocket in front is perfect for keys and phone. I think one of the side pockets being dedicated for a water bottle, with some type of cinch to keep one in place would be sweet. The inside pocket near the top of the back of the bag, could be a bit easier to drop a disc in/take out. They are the shoulder strap style and the backpack style.

It goes great with my Zuca backpack cart and its comfortable and airy when I wear it even when its got all my refreshments. The customer service is great and the warranty is hassle free. Hopefully they drop some more colors someday so I have an excuse for a new bag. This is the ideal bag for players that want to play through, no matter the weather.

Will hold all of the power and fight the wind with a reliable hard fade. I have one beat in that flies almost like a D2 and a newer one for a guaranteed finish. Feels like my pa3 putter in the hand but Flys like an A3.

The Throwback All Day Pack consists of a built-in cooler that can fit all your beverages and snacks along with an ice pack or 2 to keep things cold for the entire round. You just need to unzip the main compartment and fill up your bag with all the refreshments you need for a day at the course. Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack is for those who keep the bag fully stocked with discs. However, as it doesn’t have rubber feet for support, it is not much suitable for playing on wet ground. I like the DD commander a lot—it holds lots of discs and has limited storage space for snacks, keys/wallet, etc. Biggest knock is that it doesn’t have enough storage for a bulky sweatshirt.