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Smart luggage tags are an actual thing — and they can help you locate your luggage by using Bluetooth that let you keep tabs on your tags and luggage at all times. All that rough and tumble can lead to the demise of delicate tags, and thin or paper-based tags can easily become completely separated from your luggage. Image files are transferred wirelessly to your smartphone from the drone’s four-gigabyte memory. Attach the USB-powered scale to your suitcase and lift the ergonomic handle.

This compartment also has a dedicated mesh pockets for tech accessories like battery packs or cables. It’s 22-inches tall, 14-inches wide, nine inches deep, and weighs 7.8 pounds. Monos says the Carry-On Pro was designed for trips up to five days, and we found it to be the perfect size for a long weekend getaway.

If it’s within range , you can push a button on the app to make the Tile sound a ringing noise. Press the button in the middle of the tiny square fob twice, and your phone will ring, even in silent mode. The Tile Mate can even track possessions outside of your Bluetooth range. Anyone with the Tile app open immediately picks up the location of any nearby trackers and updates Tile’s home-grown network with their latest location. Wirecutter says Moment has the best wide-angle and telephoto lenses, producing impressively clear images with little distortion.

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Delsey If you like the look of Bric’s cream suitcases with leather trim, you may also want to consider Delsey’s Chatelet line of hard-sided luggage. While these suitcases start around the same price as Bric’s, they can be found on sale more frequently, often for half the price. Delsey’s Titanium suitcases are also a fan-favorite option since they are ultra-lightweight but incredibly durable.

Made from stainless steel, they have an eye-catching design that looks like something you’d expect to find on high-end designer accessories. Literally as hard as nails, these stainless steel luggage tags promise to withstand years of baggage handler abuse. You can even make them your own — each set contains 2 metal tags and 4 colorful ID cards that can be changed to suit your mood, luggage, or your outfit. With the elevated price tags, many will desire a well-rounded bag instead of a master of one. We evaluated many aspects of versatility, including additional features and add-ons — and their actual usefulness.

Wirecutter has stood by Travelpro in every update of their best carry-on luggage guide, and a slew of other publications agree that this brand is a go-to. They’ve received praise for the high-quality nylon construction, well-thought-out design, and lifetime warranty. Ease of access to your belongings is another really important part of this metric.

It’s also available in a two-wheeled version, which we tested and recommended in previous years. The two-wheeled version has the same internal layout as the spinner model, but it offers a bit more usable space. A couple of years back, Travelpro tested a USB pass-through cable in its Crew 11 line as a way to compete with “smart bags.” They’ve since added this detail to the Platinum Elite. It seems to be the only significant change, beyond aesthetic, to the Elite from the previous Platinum Magna model, and we aren’t all that impressed. This two-wheeled carry-on bag isn’t as maneuverable but offers slightly more space, a garment folder, and larger, more durable wheels. This spinner carry-on offers the best balance of size, value, reliability, and durability, with high-end details.

The sides of the bag can be expanded over two inches to fit extra gear, and then the top can be pushed back down to compress it all in and still remain within the carry-on dimensions. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a bucket list vacation, you’ll need a trusty suitcase to take with you. And if you’re eyeing a far-flung trip or perhaps considering working remotely and becoming a digital nomad, you may need a whole set.