Brevité Jumper

If you’re a photographer that’s always on the go, you need a bag that will safely and conveniently store your camera kit wherever you take it. Thankfully, that’s where the Brevitē Jumper Photo Backpack comes in. Fortunately, the main divider is the whole width of the bag, allowing you to make a clear separation between your camera gear and your other gear. Of course, you can remove all the dividers and use the Jumper like a regular backpack. The latter two are intended for use when you have the camera inserts set-up to store your gear – this leaves the top half of the main compartment free for other daily gear.

Flip the bag to the other side and there’s a further zipped flap that gives you another way to access your kit other than going through the main front section, which is very handy. Design wise the use of modern material and style is perfect, the grey with a subtle pattern and a silky smooth finish gives the bag a feeling of overall quality. Brevite are relatively new to camera backpacks yet already have an attractive range with three distinct models.

brevite backpack review

Set down for quick and easy-to-access compartments. I saw this bag when a buddy of mine was reviewing it over on SLRLounge, I loved the way it looked so I ordered one. So I picked up this bag about a month ago and it has been my daily bag since then.

I realized that after putting a fleece in that compartment. And the mechanism of flipping down a divider between the upper compartment and the insert and zipping it in place was not very well thought out and aggravating. It was shipped in a plastic bag, but unlike many other times I have gotten something in one of those, it wasn’t torn open or crushed. The pockets were reasonably well thought out and placed.

I find that the bags I own that I use the most are those that have the most storage options. I don’t like all my junk rolling around inside a bag, so having storage options and compartments is the most valuable thing to me when it comes to traveling with a bag. The Brevite Rucksack has so many places to store things that it will take me an abundance of pictures to show them all to you. I have enjoyed using it a lot over this past 1.5 weeks, and I would gladly continue using it as my daily driver.