Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are an investment that can last you 25+ years and provide you with solar energy. But how often should you maintain them? Is it like a car that requires regular tune-ups to last a long time? Or should you just let them be? We have the answers!

Do Solar Panels Need To Be Maintained?

Solar panels require minimal maintenance to function correctly.

If you have tiled panels, then you’re in luck: rainfall clears debris that’s accumulated. However, during seasons without any rain, they need to be cleaned manually. Clean the solar panels to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris that obstruct the sun’s rays. You may have to do more heavy cleaning during snowfall or if you see a decrease in the panel’s output. Here are some other tips on how to make sure your solar panels last 25+ years.

Ground Panels vs. Roof Panels

Ensure you have a good solar panel warranty before installing solar panels. Because if your solar panels start to decrease in production, you will need a solar professional to fix the issues and may cost you thousands of dollars throughout the years. A reputable solar company will offer you a warranty of 25 years and guarantee that your solar panels produce up to 85% of the panel’s lifespan.

How Does Weather Impact Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are created to be durable. Quality solar installations allow PV systems to endure all kinds of weather, from snow, rain, wind, hail, and more. Solar panels can also survive hurricanes.

Of course, solar panels aren’t 100% indestructible; on some occasions, solar panels can suffer damage by tornadoes, lightning, hail, and hurricanes. However, as long as you have a good warranty, your solar panels are covered. Any damaged panels can be fixed or replaced. The most common weather that affects solar panels is when the weather reaches over 90 degrees. Solar panels lose 1% per degree of production efficiency. An easy fix is to elevate the solar panels a few inches above the roof or ground. It allows air circulation to cool the system down and maintain high energy production.

Can You Monitor Your Solar Panels Production?

You can monitor your solar panel’s production into your system set up. Monitoring allows you to see how weather and various times of day can affect your panels’ performance and how well they maintain their efficiency across their lifespan.

How To Repair or Replace Solar Panels

If your panels need to be replaced or fixed, it’s best to hire a professional. Call your solar company if they’re losing efficiency and are still under a performance warranty. The company will send someone to assess the situation and will fix or replace the panels. If your panels have endured physical damage, they should be covered under a different equipment warranty or homeowner’s insurance.

Are Solar Panels Hard To Maintain?

Maintaining your solar panels is easy. Just make sure to get a good warranty and home insurance that cover solar panels. It helps to keep your panels clean and free from debris buildup. If you do so, your panels should be operating at peak efficiency and bring you clean energy for many years.