Filson Dryden Backpack Review

Don’t be surprised if you get a nod from a fellow traveller in a plaid shirt – after all, if you know, you know. Upon first glance, the Dryden resembles your usual heritage waxed canvas and leather backpack. But instead of waxed canvas, it’s made of a highly durable and weather-resistant CORDURA brand ballistic nylon. At 1000D it’s heavy duty without weighing too much and resistant to abrasion to handle everyday wear and tear. The Dryden pack features bridle leather touchpoints throughout, including the zipper pulls, top pull handle, and shoulder strap reinforcements. A lightweight nylon lines the interior for durability inside and out, too.

For the office, this bag is equivalent to most shoulder bags, it offers slightly more comfort and much less organization — I prefer it over other briefcases I have. For travel, say as a city exploration bag, this is stellar as it offers something that looks classic, not threatening, and yet nice. I’ve gone back and forth on the “do I keep this or not” debate for over a week now. It’s big enough to carry your laptop and accessories without being heavy or bulky.One thing I really loved about the Dryden was the dual carry options. One could easily forego the thick shoulder strap, which can be removed quickly with the standard c-clip fasteners, and simply use the extra-large leather handles.

But I can tell you this bag will likely last you years, judging from the build quality and my time with it. As for the Dryden Backpack – I purchased the Dryden as a replacement for my Goruck G1. It didn’t need to be replaced but I was starting a new job and thought the Dryden would be a bit more appropriate given the new work environment. Both the Dryden and the Goruck are made of Codura fabric and while Filson claims that they use “heavy-duty” I can assure you it is not. Additionally, their inside “liner” material was very light and would definitely not stand up to any long-term, meaningful abuse.

filson dryden backpack review

I just picked this up myself recently and i’m having trouble agreeing with any of it. It reads like you based your review on a business transaction made in 2012 that you didn’t like the sound of and not on the bag itself. This is a copy of the review I submitted to Filson for the Dryden Backpack. Please select a size to be notified when back in stock. Bring field-ready performance and best-in-class durability to your commute with the Filson® Dryden Backpack.

Filson’s Dryden Backpack is a spacious and durable piece that is well suited for everyday use and travel. The Dryden has all the classic details of a twill Filson bag. The bag’s Cordura nylon is tough, lightweight, and good looking.

I’m talking about promotional briefcases with company logos on them. Just, generally, stuff that doesn’t look particularly grown-up or professional. The Cordura nylon on the Dryden looks, well, a lot like Filson’s twill, just with a slightly different texture and a tiny bit more sheen. And it can pull double duty on the weekend, as it’s not too dressed up. In other words, no one’s going to wonder whether you picked this up at a convention booth. The handles are still made of a bridle leather that’ll soften up and mold to your hand over time.