Night School

What would you do if you couldn’t attend school during the day? If you are an adult who didn’t finish secondary school, what possibilities are there for you? A growing number of people around the world are looking for an option that really meets their needs.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to going to school during the day ?night school. Night schools offer the same classes as regular secondary schools except during evening hours. This evening program allows students to continue working during the day and study at night.

Night school is an educational option that exists in many countries of the world. Since formal schooling is compulsory until the age of 16 or 18 in many places, young people who find themselves in need of work or have other important daytime obligations can finish their studies. For many people, it’s the right choice.

More and more young people are taking on the responsibility of a job during the day, for different reasons. Perhaps they have to help out their families, or maybe they want to learn a particular skill or trade. But if they work during the day, how can they complete their studies? Is their only choice to leave school at an early age?

Young people are not the only ones who face this choice, however. Night school also attracts adults who left school early. Since they are already working adults, night school can give them the opportunity to go back to school without leaving their jobs.

What’s night school like? How is it the same ?or different ?from school during the day? Here we present an up-close and personal look at night school.

Courses in night school are usually the same as those taught during the day. They are generally held in the same building, too. Students have the same facilities and the same requirements as their fellow students during the day. All in all, the experiences are the same. The only difference is that night school students go to school later!

Different people react in different ways to the experience, not all of then enjoy it. We visited one school that runs classes in the evening and talked to students and teachers to find out more. Let’s meet them and see what they have to say.

Michael is a 17-year-old boy who works during the day on his family’s organic farm. It’s a new business which requires a lot of careful attention to get started. Micheal’s father runs the farm now, but one day it will be Micheal’s responsibility, which is why he needs to learn as much as he can about the business. Since he didn’t want to stop his schooling in order to work, he enrolled in night school. "It was a bit strange at first", he says "working all day then going to school in the evening, but I soon got used to it. In my classes there are a lot of students who work during the day like I do, so we have many things in common. I’ve made really good friends. Some of them say that it is easier to combine work with a study if you’ve got a job of a writer. Many services give such a chance as you may work part time. All students try to find the most suitable job for themselves."

Next, we spoke to Cheryl, a young adult in her 20s who dropped out of school as a teenager. Later, however, she realized that she didn’t have the skills and qualifications she needed for her career, so decided to return to school. Since she works during the day, night school was the perfect option. "Going to night school has been a great opportunity for a second start. I can keep my job and complete my studies," Cheryl explained.

Then we talked to Tonya, who is a teacher at night school. She used to teach during the day but prefers evening classes now. "The night students are very dedicated," she told us. "It’s also really nice to have a mix of adults and teens. They work hard, but they have a lot of fun, too."

Not everyone, of course, thinks that night school is the answer. Some people don’t think there’s enough time in one day for both school and work. Certainly, working during the day and going to school at night can be hard.

Take David, for example. He’s a teenager who tried going to night school for a while so he could train as a carpenter with his uncle during the day. "I was so tired after working all day that I didn’t have the energy to go to school! And when could I do my homework? In my sleep? Firstly, I asked to write my essays for me at different essay services. But then I understood that it was not the way out." David decided to work part-time on weekends and finish school during the day.

Parents might also object to night school. Meg is a teenager who wanted to leave school to take up a career in modeling. When Meg looked into going to night school, her parents warned her against it. "They thought I would never finish school that way. My parents think working and going to night school is too much for someone my age. I disagree, but I’m only 17, so I have to do what they say.

For most of the students who do enroll, however, night school is the answer they’ve been looking for. It is a challenge to balance work and school, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But those who go to night school are really making the most of their time ?day and night!