Seven Ways to Maintain Eternal Happiness

Seven Ways to Maintain Eternal Happiness

Understand that True Happiness is not given to you

Do not depend on others to give you anything, instead you be the giver. "There is much happiness in giving than there is in receiving" Do you know why? The person that is doing the giving has something to give.

You are the only source for your true happiness

Nobody is more interested in your happiness than yourself. Find out how to find it, and make this your priority.

Know who you are and find peace within yourself

If you don’t know who you are, or what you want now, and in life, you will have no core, or no base, to help you with the difficulties life can bring. You will be like a leaf in the water. In order to find your happiness, you need to know yourself better than anybody else. See how you can start.

You need to maintain a good conscience and attitude

Once you understand yourself, don’t compromise. Maintain a peaceful relationship with your conscience. This is the key foundation of who you are, and it is closely related to the feeling of happiness. The positive attitude will help you achieve your goals. Guard your conscience and don’t let negative forces destroy what you have built.

You need to be organized

Organization of your thoughts and actions will let you see things more clearly. It is a gift. If you don’t have it, try to develop it. An organized mind goes far.

You need to be a giver

Giving is a sign of abundance. You want to share you as a person. People are going to be drawn to you, because your happiness is like honey to the bees.

Need to learn to be simple and content

Simplicity is the key to many treasures, one of them been happy. If you are complicated, and need things exactly your way or nothing, happiness will run away from you. A positive attitude is a good friend. It will help us see thing different. When you feel you are getting too complicated with things, stop-take a deep breath- and look for the simplicity as a solution. Only then you will be a good friend of your happiness.

Happiness Is a Treasure

We need to work at it every day and get good at it. The quality of happiness is one of the most important tools we could ever have. With it nothing can harm us. This is the treasure everyone tries to go after, but cannot find. That is why money can’t buy it, nor friends, or drugs. Only you can find it. True Eternal Happiness can be found only within yourself.

Happiness is a treasure more valuable than any gold or any reaches in the world.

If you have it, you will be able to build a happy home, you will know how to give, and no matter what difficulties you are going through in life, happiness will maintain you stable, balanced and cheerful to conquer any situation.

Treasure it more than anything else, so you may enjoy life to the fullest!

What to Do If You Are Depressed

I know life has a way to make us feel sad sometimes and depressed, and that is natural, but after a few hours you are able to recuperate and be back to be the happy you.

On the other side, if you have feelings of depression most of the time and cannot recuperate, it could be several things.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How many cups of coffee am I drinking a day?

Am I exercising every day at list for 20 minutes?

Am I eating junk food most of the time?

Am I sleeping enough?

Am I working more than eight hours a day straight?

Am I keeping a grouch with my best friend? Relative?

Am I associating with positive people?

Am I watching depressing movies most of the time?

If you answer yes to any of this questions you have to take control. Find out what is bothering you and fix it to the best of your ability.

You are not alone, you have your friends and relatives that can help you recuperate. Of course if this is chronic consult with your Doctor and ask him for advice.

You deserve to be happy, fight for it