Too Much Baggage? How To Ship Your Luggage

I used SendMyBag while moving from London to the US and had a pretty bad experience. After waiting all day for them to pick up my bags, they never showed. At the end of the day, they told me they weren’t going to send anyone to pick it up so i have to go to one of their locations and drop my stuff off. I had to uber with 3 bags to a far location, which costed me a lot of time and money. When i gave them my bags at the location, they completely unpacked everything and dumped it all outside.

I used them last year to send a bag from London back to the U.S. My bag was picked up by DHL and delivered either the next day or two days later. Getting a third checked bag for free will almost certainly require acquiring status on an airline, so I don’t see how that’s a better use of time. Just done a comparison to send snowboard gear.

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DUFL Sports is $9.95 a month for a locker, which is large enough to hold several items, such as golf clubs and ski equipment. Standard three-day domestic shipping for golf clubs starts at about $75 round trip, including cleaning. If you’re sending used goods then make sure to notify the company as there will be an importation charge before your items reach their final destination.

The weight allowance was extremely generous, 66lbs is a lot of clothes! Wonderful service and communication about progress and timing. The baggage was completely in tact, the customs declarations were very easy to complete and submit. Wonderful service in partnership with DHL. It really took the hassle out of managing baggage long haul. Pricing was very satisfactory and competitive.

Bottom line Especially appealing for cruise lovers, golfers, and those traveling internationally. All-inclusive pricing, including customs documentation, makes it easy to ship and stick to a budget. To get the best prices, ship about a week in advance. All the steps were clear, they helped with the customs paperwork in Spain, and the price was very fair.

Note, I only ship from and to the US, which is why this is such a nonsense. Each luggage shipper has its pricing structure. ShipSticks, for example, can transport three bag sizes with prices dependent on the bag size and origin, and destination. With LugLess, on the other hand, shipping costs will depend more on your shipping date. The cheapest way to ship luggage depends on the size of the bag, your chosen carrier, and the speed and distance of travel. For most standard luggage sizes, specialty luggage shippers will offer the cheapest rates.

All in all Send My Bag is an absolutely fantastic service offering value for money, reliability and outstanding customer service and support. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to cheaply and stresslessly ship excess baggage abroad or to university. I was shipping boxes, but if I needed suitcases shipped, I’m sure it’d work the same.

Simply schedule your shipment online, pack your box, and bon voyage. Help future customers by talking about customer service, price, delivery, returns & refunds. Charles Kron, an Atlanta businessman, says he got hooked on using FedEx to send clothing and other items ahead to his hotel on longer trips, because having to lug bags crimps his style. He says he likes to have the flexibility to change plans and stand by for a flight. We believe that there is a single best way to do everything.